Christmas Pop Up Shop Preview

by Nick 12. December 2013 11:20
Our students have been busily preparing for the first ever CHRISTMAS POP UP SHOP at the academy. We had a bit of a dress rehearsal and managed to get a sneak preview of some of the jewellery that will be on sale - ENJOY.    Our Christmas POP-UP Jewellery SHOP op... [More]

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The Intern Edit: 2 Weeks At Holts Academy

by Lili 2. December 2013 16:06
After two weeks at Holts Academy, I can definitely say I’ve learnt a lot about the jewellery trade and how varied it is. After going into the workshops and seeing classes in action, I’ve realised how much is involved in the manufacture of jewellery. There was me thinking it was a simple ... [More]


Gem Prive Announces Online CAD Jewellery Designers Contest

by Jack 7. November 2013 10:59
Following on from my previous articles on my own blog about CAD design competitions and online CAD model marketplaces, it seems one clever Notting Hill based company has decided to deftly step into a gap into the marketplace. Introducing Gem Prive! Part jewellery design c... [More]

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Holts at Best of Britannia

by Nick 7. October 2013 11:54
We were asked recently to take our jewellery making skills, and industry expertise to the Best of Britannia show in London's Clerkenwell. Jason Holt, Managing Director of Holts Group and his father, founder and Director of of the Holts Group, Robert Holt, were on hand to host a couple of talks. Firs... [More]

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Jerboa Jewellery

by Nick 2. October 2013 15:19
We just want to bring your attention to Holts Academy alumna Victoria Barker and her brand Jerboa Jewellery.  Jerboa has done very well these last couple of years, and has been featured on BINTM for the past two years and everyone from Kylie  Minogue to Elle Macpherson are full of p... [More]

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Holts Got Talent

by Tom Black 7. August 2013 11:46
I was recently asked to create some ‘vox pop’ style videos with the students of the level 3 Jewellery Manufacture course, a simple less than a minute kind of thing where I’d ask them questions about the academy and their course. However it seems that that would never have been enou... [More]

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by Tom Black 30. July 2013 12:25
Three of our own up and coming jewellers have released their latest collection for the F. Hinds/ Holts competition, Gina Melosi , Nichola Mitches  and Eva Reiser (more information available here).   The competition was open to students of the academy and saw some of the very best in curr... [More]


The Apprentice Employer Event

by Tom Black 29. July 2013 12:44
Last week Holts Academy held an employer event in which employers from all around the country came to discuss the apprentice program and its benefits. Once all the employers and apprentices arrived, they took part in a meet and greet headed up by the academy’s Enterprise, Employability and Apr... [More]

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Basic Rules for STL Export for 3D Printing

by Jack 19. July 2013 15:48
3DPrintUK has made an excellent tutorial on things to avoid when making a CAD file fit for exporting to 3D Printing.   I’d add a few things to their list of suggestions myself: 1.) Know the minimum thicknesses for details and supporting walls you can get away with on the material ... [More]

Introducing the OtherMill 3-Axis CNC Mill

by Jack 3. June 2013 14:11
The concept of technology size and cost shrinking year upon year is not a new one, but it is particularly interesting to note how much activity is happening right now with 3D printers. It seems many different companies are now competing to be the first to make a viable small office 3D printer, price... [More]

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